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Shababs is considered one of the finest balti restaurants in Birmingham’s balti Triangle. With so many balti restaurants in the nation’s second city to choose from, you will not find a better balti. Simple food done well consistently.

We have had many celebrities visit us over the last three decades most recently being The Hairy Bikers who filmed in our kitchen. Experience counts and we have bags of it, Shababs was originally founded in 1987 and is recognised as a legendary balti house thriving in Birmingham.

We are one of four authentic balti restaurants left in Birmingham – (Birmingham Mail 2012).

Traditional cooking techniques capture the true spirit of the balti. The balti is cooked in the same dish as it is served in and the diner is expected to eat out of the same dish too! Our unique method of preparing the balti is a proven healthier alternative to a ordinary curry because it is cooked on a high flame burning up all the excess oil in the dish. The oldest balti dish in Shababs kitchen is over 18 years old.

Each scoop with our freshly baked breads will ignite different flavours from the spices making it a real pleasure to dine at Shababs.

We pride ourselves in providing satisfaction of the highest degree in fine surroundings. Our waiting staff are focussed and on first name terms with many of our returning customers.

BOOK NOW and sample the palatial magic in Birmingham’s vibrant Balti Triangle.

CAUTION! Plates are hot. Traditional balti dishes are cooked and served in the same dish. All the flavours are retained in this authentic dish and virtually go off like fireworks as each scoop gives out different flavours.

Shababs Restaurant – bringing you an exceptional experience in Birmingham’s Balti Triangle.