Covid 19

Shababs Front


Here at Shababs we take customers and staff safety centre stage.

We are continuously monitoring areas of the UK where coronavirus cases have spiked.
Any areas where there are significant rises in cases, we will stop customers from booking tables from the affected areas and we will stop our supplies coming from those areas affected.

In the restaurant we have taken measures of making available hand sanitiser at the front counter to use freely on entry and exit.

We are cleaning more regularly than usual areas which see more traffic such as WC facilities and touch points like door handles and seats.

We are taking condiments away from tables to reduce contact. If condiments are required one time use sachets will be provided where possible to reduce contact.

Our seating plan has also been revised, some tables which are back to back do not need to be a metre apart.
Tables which are side by side need to be a metre apart. We have taken steps to adhere these guidelines.

Please note, we all have a responsibility to look out for each other and one another.
If you are in any doubt that you may have had contact with someone who has covid 19, please just self isolate, lets stop the spread. The quicker we can stop the spread the quicker we can get back to some sort of normality.

Stay Safe.

The Shababs team.